Are Yorkies Good With Cats: 3 Intro Steps & Benefits

Are Yorkies Good With Cats

Are Yorkies good with cats, are there any pros and cons of having a Yorkie with a cat, how do you introduce a Yorkie to a cat, and what are the best cats for Yorkies, these are the questions we will cover in this post.

Yorkies are not the best dog for cats, there are better options, however, with proper socialization and training Yorkies can get along very well with cats of calm temperaments.

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Are Yorkies Good With Cats

Yes, Yorkies get along with cats since Yorkies were bred to be companion dogs, they are always on the lookout for a new friend to make them happy because they are active.

They are devoted to their loved ones and get along swimmingly with cats.

Yorkies are also very affectionate and make good family pets; however, you should socialize with your Yorkie first before introducing a cat.

To achieve the best results from having a Yorkie and a cat, it is recommended that you purchase both pets and integrate them from the puppy and kitten stages so that they grow up together.

Before introducing a cat, invest the effort in teaching your Yorkie proper obedience training to minimize resource guarding.

Benefits of having a cat and a Yorkie

The following are some of the most popular benefits of getting a cat for your Yorkie:

  • Yorkies benefit from having a cat because it alleviates or prevents separation anxiety.
  • Getting a cat for your Yorkie can help him overcome some of his Yorkie’s behavioral troubles.
  • When a Yorkie has a cat, he or she gets more physical activity.
  • Having a cat in the house may prevent your Yorkie from being bored and lonely, which can lead to improper behavior.
  • Getting a cat is the same as delegating Yorkie responsibilities.
  • It is possible for a cat and a Yorkie to play together and become best friends.
  • Getting a cat can help a Yorkie overcome socialization challenges and anxiety.
  • A cat can give amusement when a Yorkie is left alone for a long amount of time.
  • A cat can aid in the prevention of depression in Yorkies.

Best cats that get along with Yorkie

The following are some cat breeds that get along well with Yorkies:

  1. Ragdoll cat
  2. Abyssinian cat
  3. American Shorthair cat
  4. Himalayan cat

Best age to get a cat for a Yorkie

When a Yorkie and a cat are combined, the Yorkie must be at least 3 months old and the cat must be at least 3 months old.

The Yorkies are continuing to develop and obey obedience training directions at the age of three months, as well as becoming more loving towards any family members.

Before considering bringing in a cat, you should finish your Yorkie’s obedience training and socialization.

This isn’t to say you can’t introduce your Yorkie to a cat; you can, but the best time is when they’re three months old.

How to introduce a cat to Yorkies

If you’re bringing in a kitten under the age of three months, you won’t need these precautions; however, you can use them for adult Yorkies and cats.

When introducing a cat to a Yorkie for the first time, follow these steps:

Step 1: Hide all Yorkie stuff

Watch cat films with your Yorkie numerous times before going to get your cat, offer your Yorkie a treat for watching the cat movies, and show your Yorkie the cat photographs.

Make sure your cat has a safe place to hide if something goes wrong, such as a cat tree or shelves.

Before you go to bring in the cat, put all of your Yorkie’s toys, bed, bowls, and other belongings away. To avoid resource guarding. 

Step 2: Leash or crate your Yorkie

While your Yorkie is on a leash or in a kennel, take your cat inside for a 3- to 4-minute walk.

Teach your new cat where to go when he wants to be alone while showing him about your house.

After you’ve walked your Yorkie around the house, put your new cat on a leash next to him and reward him if he’s calm.

If your Yorkie begins to bark, be calm and continue walking your new cat around the house with your Yorkie on a leash or in a kennel.

Rep this process until your Yorkie is no longer scared by the cat’s presence.

Step 3: Introduce both pets

Praise your Yorkie for his tranquility by massaging your hands on his back while moving the cat closer with one hand.

Before introducing new names or rewards, pause and observe your Yorkie’s reaction.

Rep the technique, making sure to maintain eye contact and calling your Yorkie by name.

Allow your Yorkie to sniff the cat and get licked by it as a treat for his silence.

Remove the leash and put on some pet-friendly movies before watching them with your Yorkie and monitoring how they react.

You’re done if everything goes well; if your Yorkie continues to charge at the cat, remove the cat and repeat the operation; if not, you’ll have to try again.

Keep your eye on both pets and monitor their progress until both pets get used to each other.

How long will it take Yorkies to get along with a new cat?

With repeated repetition, the Yorkies should be able to get along with the cat in less than a month if both the cat and the Yorkies have nice personalities.

It will be basic but constant because Yorkies are a sociable dog who likes being around other dogs.

Disadvantages of having a cat and a Yorkie

Some of the most common justifications against buying a cat for your Yorkie are as follows:

  • It’s probable that simultaneously teaching a Yorkie and a cat will be difficult.
  • Grooming a Yorkie and a cat takes a significant amount of time and effort.
  • A cat can teach your Yorkie a bad habit.
  • Having a Yorkie and a cat together is bound to cause competition and jealousy.
  • The expense of caring for a Yorkie will climb by a factor of two if you add a cat to the mix.
  • There will be more dirt to clean up if you have a Yorkie and a cat.
  • Having a Yorkie and a cat will badly affect your financial situation.

Extra tips on having a Yorkie and a cat

  • Separate locations should be provided until you’re convinced they’ll be able to stay together.
  • It’s not a good idea to force the Yorkies and the cat to play or engage.
  • They should be commended for their outstanding behavior.
  • In the first few weeks, provide an escape route for the cat in case your Yorkie decides to surprise you.
  • Keep a close eye on the Yorkies’ interactions with the cat.
  • Feeding schedules should not be altered; they must be maintained.