Why Do Maltese Cry (8 Top Reasons & Tips)

Why Do Maltese Cry
Why Do Maltese Cry

Maltese owners always ask why do Maltese cry and that is exactly what we will be discussing in this post.

I will be discussing the most common reasons why Maltese cry and common ways to stop them from crying.

Why Do Maltese Cry

Emotional stress, loneliness, boredom, pain, hunger, yearning for affection, separation anxiety, seeking owners’ attention, are all good reasons why Maltese cry.

Because Maltese dogs were bred to be near to their owners at all times, there must be a reason for all that crying that the owner cannot see.

Some of the most common causes of frequent crying in Maltese are as follows:

1. Maltese dogs cry for attention

Maltese are companion dogs who weep or whine for a number of reasons, one of which is to get the attention of their owners at any cost.

Your Maltese adores you and eagerly awaits your arrival at any time of day or night.

Your Maltese may utilize crying, barking, whining, digging, or howling to get your attention.

If Maltese dogs feel bored or ignored, they may act out to attract the attention of their owners.

Because they were created to be a human companion, Maltese dogs require more care than most other dog breeds.

2. Maltese cry when depressed or stressed

Maltese dogs are little canines who are anxious and stressed. For the vast majority of Maltese owners, this is a big concern.

Knowing the symptoms that your Maltese is scared, afraid, or depressed may help you prevent undesirable behavior and offer a happy, healthy life for your Maltese.

While stress symptoms are typically evident, stress communication in your Maltese can be subtle and unpredictable.

Maltese dogs may weep to communicate with their owners when they are worried or sad.

If you wish to avoid the Maltese’s well-known behavior concerns, you must address the Maltese’s crying and whine for no apparent cause.

3. Maltese cry due to separation anxiety

Getting a Maltese and then keeping it at home is a bad choice since they prefer being around people and other animals, which is one of the numerous reasons why dogs suffer from separation anxiety.

If left alone for more than 6 hours on a daily basis, Maltese might develop separation anxiety and become aggressive, biting, and destructive.

Because Maltese dogs were bred to be human companions, separation anxiety is one of the most prevalent reasons for Maltese crying.

4. Maltese dogs cry due to allergies

Maltese dogs are notorious for having sensitive stomachs, which causes them to be finicky eaters and suffer from digestive problems.

Maltese dogs are little dogs with poor long-term strength, therefore they are prone to weeping when scared or disturbed.

Allergies in Maltese dogs are caused by pollen, mold, onions and garlic, insect attacks, toxic chemicals, dust, and mites.

5. Maltese dogs cry due to hunger

When a toddler, or a little dog breeds like a Maltese dog, is hungry, he or she will cry to show its owner what he or she needs.

When a Maltese gets hungry, it may howl, bite, or attack its owner’s feet, or it may lament if no one is home to feed it.

Make a feeding roaster for your Maltese dog and use it if you leave the home without feeding him.

Provide lots of mental activity to keep your Maltese dog from being bored or lonely.

6. Maltese cry due to fear of being alone

Maltese dogs are known to cry, howl, whine, snarl, and chew when their owners leave them at home for work.

Even after extensive crate training and socialization, Maltese dogs will never be happy to see their humans go.

Having a second pet gives their owners the courage to leave the house, and at the very least, your Maltese will have a companion.

Biting, chewing, pacing, and nipping are all bad behaviors that Maltese might develop if they are left alone for lengthy periods of time.

7. Maltese cry when in chronic pains

Your Maltese may be suffering from joint discomfort or another condition that affects posture if he or she only howls when lying down.

Maltese might be whining because of respiratory problems while sleeping, or she could be whining because of a variety of other issues.

Maltese who are elderly or chronically ill are more likely than others to complain in the middle of the night about their health problems.

If your Maltese falls into one of these categories, or if you sense she is in pain when lying down, take her to the vet as soon as possible.

8. Reoccurrence of a traumatic experience

Traumatic occurrences do happen, and one of the most prevalent reasons for excessive barking in Maltese is trauma.

According to the AKC, rescue dogs suffer from anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of previous trauma.

Any Maltese dog who has been exposed to trauma before is at risk of developing behavioral disorders such as barking.

Maltese dogs raised in a harsh or hostile environment are more prone to emotional problems.

If you have a Maltese dog who has been abused in the past, you may anticipate your Maltese dog to weep if it is harmed again.

As a conditioned self-protective response, they become afraid, aggressive, or even excessively bark.

How to stop a Maltese dog from crying

To stop your Maltese dog from weeping, try one of the following methods or activities:

  1. Quickly distract your Maltese from crying.
  2. Ignore unnecessary begging.
  3. Provide your Maltese with a variety of mental challenges to accomplish.
  4. Begin a comprehensive Maltese crate training program when he or she is a puppy.
  5. Separation anxiety must be avoided at all costs.
  6. Avoid activities that can make your Maltese dog cry.
  7. Make a schedule for yourself and your Maltese and follow it.
  8. Ascertain that your Maltese dog’s feces area is always visible and accessible.
  9. Make a stress-free environment for your Maltese.
  10. As a form of treatment, provide a variety of music and video games.
  11. Physical touch should be used to increase the amount of time and attention you give your Maltese dog.
  12. Make a wide range of workout options available.
  13. Get some comfy shirts and jackets.
  14. Offer a diverse selection of amusing and engaging toys.

With the information I have provided on this page I strongly hope your question Why Do Maltese Cry was answered!

By Aiguo Kai

Aiguo Kai is one of the authors and editors of Pet Creeks, he is focused on teaching and providing useful information about pets. Especially dogs, he enjoys writing and sharing his 10 years of experiences with dogs so far.