15 Top Things Chihuahuas Love To Stay Happy

Things Chihuahuas Love
Things Chihuahuas Love

Chihuahuas are popular for so many reasons, but what are the things Chihuahuas love that makes them happy around their owners, let’s find out!

In this post, we’ll go over some of the most common hobbies and things you may do on a regular basis to keep your Chihuahua happy.

Keeping Chihuahuas happy is providing them with all they need to stay healthy and happy so let’s discuss things Chihuahuas love.

Things Chihuahuas Love

The following are some of the things or activities that Chihuahuas enjoy:

1. Chihuahuas love attention

One of the nicest things you can do for your Chihuahua is to give them plenty of attention on a daily basis.

Chihuahuas like playing with their owners and are happiest when they are with them.

It’s important to remember that this is a companion breed, so expect them to cling to you.

Playing with your Chihuahua or simply holding him on your lap may be a great way to spend quality time with him.

2. Chihuahuas love treats puzzle toys

Chihuahuas are little, energetic dogs who like playing, so their owners should provide them with plenty of toys.

Any form of food puzzle will keep a Chihuahua occupied.

While it’s nice to play with plush animals, ensure sure they don’t have any minor attachments that might be eaten if bitten off.

Filling a Kong with treats or frozen fruits can keep your chihuahua happy and engaged.

3. Chihuahuas love getting treats during brushing

Grooming sessions with treats make Chihuahuas very pleased, so owners may use grooming portions to improve their ties with their dogs.

Chihuahuas, like other long-haired dog breeds, require frequent grooming to be happy, but so do short-haired Chihuahuas.

A lengthy, tangled, and unclean coat for Chihuahuas with long hair may annoy your Chihuahua.

Keep your chihuahua’s ears and paws clean to minimize infection and irritation.

To preserve their paw pads healthy and tidy, clip their nails and any additional hair growing between them.

4. Chihuahuas love interactive toys

There are a variety of brain-stimulating toys available that will keep your chihuahua amused and happy all day.

One of the most effective methods to prevent boredom and despair in your Chihuahua is to keep his mind engaged.

To keep them engaged, use little balls, soft toys, and interactive items that are too large for them to swallow.

Chihuahuas love having lots of engaging and interactive toys.

5. Chihuahuas love retrieving toy ball

Above all things, every dog breed, even the Chihuahua, enjoys playing with a ball.

When it comes to finding simple methods to entertain a Chihuahua, it doesn’t get much easier than this.

Chihuahuas love getting a ball, especially if you give them a variety of colors and reward them.

However, you must be cautious when it comes to your Chihuahua and the ball since they may get too preoccupied with it, which may become a problem in and of itself.

6. Chihuahuas love playing with reward

Chihuahuas enjoy games, and indoor pastimes such as hide-and-seek are a fantastic way to keep them entertained.

Allowing your Chihuahua to follow you while you search for a nice hiding spot to play hide-and-seek is not a smart idea.

When you’ve located a good spot, call your dog and give them a treat if they can find you.

This makes your Chihuahua happy and strengthens your relationship with him.

7. Chihuahuas love rewarding evening walks

Chihuahuas love evening walks down to dog parks or walking home from dog parks which they get rewarded.

If you live in an area where dog walks are allowed, then try talking to your Chihuahua for short walks.

Make sure it is not too hot or cold outside, then try to reward your Chihuahua with hugs, treats, or kisses.

8. Chihuahuas love visiting places

Taking your Chihuahua to a social event is an easy way to brighten their day.

Allow your Chihuahua to accompany you to your next family or friend gathering.

Chihuahuas are gregarious dogs, and enabling them to mingle in a controlled atmosphere rather than a dog park, which may be scary and overstimulating, is a great way to do so.

Surprising them with a bustling social gathering is a bonus because of most Chihuahuas like rides.

Just make sure to ask your pals whether they’re okay with your Chihuahua being around.

9. Chihuahuas love watching cartoon on TV or YouTube

Be careful when showing your Chihuahua things to watch, as the can get overwhelmed and excited which can lead to some Chihuahua behavior issues.

Chihuahuas adore cartoon television or YouTube series so much that they not only watch but also stare at them.

Chihuahuas enjoy watching movies about other dogs, cats, and even nature, but you must first show them by watching it with them.

Get yourself a computer and a library of funny dog movies. Who knows, you could just discover the next internet sensation right in your own home!

Sit back with your Chihuahua and watch the videos to strengthen your friendship.

Remember to touch and praise your Chihuahua with snacks on a regular basis.

10. Chihuahuas love to bark unnecessarily

Chihuahuas are known to bark when it’s not necessary, and they bark for fun.

However, there are many reasons why Chihuahuas bark, which can also pose a problem for most owners.

11. Chihuahuas adore being cuddled.

Chihuahuas are a little dog breed that enjoys being petted and touched by strangers; they prefer being snuggled.

When it comes to petting and caressing your Chihuahua, moderation is crucial.

Excessive caressing or snuggling with your Chihuahua can lead to over-enthusiasm, which can be a problem in and of itself.

Because chihuahuas enjoy being petted and snuggled, they may be used as an incentive for excellent conduct.

Chihuahuas like being petted, cuddled, and sleeping on their owners’ laps.

12. Chihuahuas love food and treats

The most crucial part of a Chihuahua’s delight is being well-fed.

When Chihuahuas consume high-quality food, they are happy and healthy.

To guarantee that their nutritional demands are met on a regular basis, give Chihuahua puppies three properly portioned meals each day and adult Chihuahuas two.

Bananas, blueberries, potatoes, and chicken liver may all be utilized to provide nutritious snacks for your Chihuahua.

Whether you feed your Chihuahua wet food, dry food, or both, make sure his daily diet is healthful.

13. Chihuahuas love sleeping with owners

After playing, most Chihuahuas prefer to sleep for a long time, especially on their owner’s lap, which makes them happy.

Chihuahuas are incredibly sociable and compassionate dogs who like nothing more than cuddling up with their favorite human or snuggling under a warm blanket.

If their owner’s lap isn’t accessible, they can sleep with a soft toy or favorite toy, but Chihuahuas like to sleep close to their humans.

As long as it is warm and comfy around you, the Chihuahua will happily sleep with you as the owner.

14. Chihuahuas love playing with your stuffs

Attached Chihuahuas adore their owners’ odors, and they may plunder your shoe collection or laundry basket for filthy socks, T-shirts, or even underwear.

Stealing shoes and filthy clothes isn’t always a good idea, especially if your dog likes to chew, but you may prevent improper chewing by providing your dog with a variety of fascinating toys or marrow-filled dog bones.

Chihuahuas love stealing and hiding your stuff.

15. Chihuahuas love getting a good massage

Chihuahuas enjoy it when their owners touch them in the proper spots on their tummies; it makes them happy and strengthens their attachment with their owners.

The majority of dogs, like the majority of people, like having a nice massage, particularly mature Chihuahuas.

It not only soothes, heals, and improves your relationship with your Chihuahua, but it also makes them feel valued.

Rubbing your palms over your Chihuahua’s stomach makes them very happy, and they love it.

By Samuel Steve

Samuel Steve has more than 12 years of experience with cats and dogs his the founder of Pet Creeks and currently living with 2 different breeds of cats and a dog, Samuel Steve is here to write and share his years of experience with pets.