The Pros and Cons Of Ragdoll Cats: 10 Pros & 10 Cons To Note

Looking for pros and cons of Ragdoll cats? Welcome, in this post we will outline all the possible pros and cons of Ragdoll cats starting with the pros and ending with the cons.

Owning a ragdoll cat comes with a lot of things both pros and cons which is exactly what we will be discussing in the rest of the post. So sit back and be sure to read through to the end for a summary of both the pros and cons.

Ragdoll cat is a cat breed that originated in the United States and can be recognized by its large, muscular, long-haired cat with soft, fluffy fur. Ragdoll cats are among the most popular breeds of cats in the United States.

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Pros and Cons Of Ragdoll Cats

Here are all the common pros and cons that comes with owning a Ragdoll cat, however, we will start by pointing out the pros before we get the cons.

Ragdolls Are Very Docile

Ragdolls are ever ready to accept control or instruction from their owners and family members which is a unique characteristic when compared to most cats or pets.

Ragdoll cats are generally submissive most of the time which makes training them a lot easier.

The Most beautiful Cat breed

Have you seen a more beautiful cat breed than a ragdoll cat below the age of one old?. Undoubtedly ragdolls are the most beautiful cat breed one can have.

Every ragdoll cat is born pure white irrespective of the final color of the cat, then as they grow up, you see a different color progression.

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The Most Affectionate Cat Breed

Are you looking for the best and most affectionate breed of cat? Then ragdolls got you covered, they bound fast with their owners and do not hold back any affection towards their owners and family members.

This is why most ragdoll owners will want to get more ragdoll cat after the lost their first ragdoll. In short the level of affection a ragdoll cat offer to their owners is pure gold and can’t be measured.

Ragdolls Get Along With Other Cats

The best thing to do for your ragdoll is to get a second cat, most preferably another ragdoll. Ragdoll cats are always different when they are with other cats.

They have a different energy level when they are with other cats, and get very much along with other cats. So, if you’re not always home then you need to get a second cat for your ragdoll.

Friendly and Loving To Kids

When it comes to stay with kids ragdoll cats got you covered, however, due to how big the grow it is important you teach your kids how to handle them.

Ragdoll cats get along better with kids about the age of 8 years who can comfortably handle and play with them. They may get more bound with a family member that shows more care and love.

Ragdolls Are Very Neat And Clean

You need a clean cat that will easy for you to Potty-Train? Then ragdolls got you covered. Even though ragdoll cats appear to be lazy they are actually among the most clean cats.

They love to be in a clean environment and when properly trained the hardly mess up your home.

Ragdolls Get Along With Dogs

Ragdolls are actually undoubtedly among the top breeds of cats that get along with dogs. This is mainly due to their temperaments.

Having a ragdoll and a dog is never a bad practice because most of the time ragdolls can be prone to separation anxiety because they always want to be with their family members.

Grooming Of Ragdoll Cats Are Easy

Because of their long fur you may not need a professional groomer to brush them twice a week which may come with extra cost.

All you need is a good brush and then brush down in the direction of the fur, which is not as difficult as you think if you practice it constantly you only get better.

Ragdolls Are Very Playful

Ragdolls are generally known to love endless cuddle from their owners as they also love to play the fetch game as a form of exercise.

They love to play with kids and other pets, so if you have a kid that is full of energy and can properly handle a ragdoll then a ragdoll got you covered on that, as the can play endlessly.

Ragdolls Are Very Calm and Relaxed

You need a calm and relaxed breed of cat that will not always want to escape? Then ragdolls got you covered. All you need is to provide his need.

They are not good hunters and are not easily distracted by hunting mouse, around their territory.

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Cons Of Ragdoll Cats

Cons Of Ragdoll Cats
Cons Of Ragdoll Cats

Here are the cons of owning a Ragdoll cat which is as follows;

Ragdoll Cats Are Prone To Genetic Diseases

There are lots of genetic diseases associated with Ragdoll cats and most of them will cost you good money, however, early vaccination, good diet, and regular medical check-ups can help in management of these diseases.

Some of the diseases associated with Ragdoll cats are as follows;

  • Kidney disease
  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Mouth and gum disease

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Ragdoll Cats Are Expensive Compared To Most Cats

Irrespective of your location, breeder’s price tags, size, and age, a healthy purebred Ragdoll cat from a reputable breeder will cost around $700-$3500 USD on average.

Everything about Ragdoll cats are just so expensive, two Ragdoll of different colors will have different price tags…. That’s hilarious.

Ragdoll Cats Will Never Leave You Alone

Ragdoll cats knows nothing about privacy, they will follow you around and when you shut the door at them the become unnecessarily vocal.

This behavior of following you around seems to be too much for some people while it is fun for others. Your Ragdoll can follow you around the house all day long, they won’t give you a breathing space like other cats

Ragdolls Are Very Vocal

Ragdolls are generally known to be unnecessarily vocal even when not in need. They are among the most vocal breeds of cats.

Ragdoll cats are also known to be very vocal when they need your attention, and you are not paying attention to their needs.

Ragdolls May Cause Allergic Reactions

Note that if you or your kids are sensitive to fur, and you tend to sneeze or feel bad when exposed to cat hair, then it may be hard to live with a Ragdoll.

This is because Ragdoll cats do shed and can cover everywhere with fur, especially in the morning time when they shed more. So be read to groom them twice a week.

Ragdolls Need Regular Check-ups

Ragdoll cats are susceptible to certain diseases that are genetic and for them to live healthy and happy you will have to be a close friend of the vet.

No matter how you see it, going to the vet will always cost you a few box.

Ragdolls Shed A Lot

Ragdolls are generally known to have long fur with no undercoat which makes it easier to notice their shedding level. A close study of ragdolls shedding actually shows that ragdoll cats shed in the morning hours.

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Ragdolls Are Prone To Obesity

Ragdolls are among the largest breed of cat and even though they can be very Picky with food, but they can eat a lot and most times they keep eating as you keep giving them more.

So be careful with how much food you give to your ragdoll cat to avoid over feeding which will end up in obesity.

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Ragdolls Bite Unnecessary

Ragdolls can attack your legs when you are not paying attention to them or when you want to close the door behind them.

Therefore, if you have kids you need to monitor them closely with kids and be sure to give them their space and also pay attention when they decide to be vocal.

Ragdolls Can’t Go Outside

Unlike other cats who can survive busy streets or cross roads by themselves, ragdolls do not know danger and should not be allowed to go outside on their own.

They were selectively bred to be a human companion and not hunters so ragdolls come with no survival skills, therefore they are Indoor cats and depends on their owners a lot. Read more about bad things about ragdolls.

Summary Of Ragdoll Cat Pros

Owning a Ragdoll cat can be amazing because they are incredibly loving and affectionate. Their pretty eyes will melt your heart and cause you to feel a lot of love and affection for them.

Also, they can provide a good calming environment for children, particularly younger children, who sometimes have difficulty with big dogs.

Ragdolls are known for being great with cats and even kittens as long as they’re socialized properly at an early age.

So if you have a kitten, then owning a Ragdoll can be a great option for you, as it will play with them, teach them how to be playful.

Ragdolls love to have a lot of attention but can be somewhat aloof with strangers. They do love to be cuddled and made a fuss of, but they are not overly affectionate and are not really good with strangers or children unless you take the time to socialize them and teach them how to be friendly.

Summary Of Ragdoll Cat Cons

Obviously, as well as the big, appealing points, Ragdolls also have some big cons as well. They can be shy, which is a big problem if you live with other pets that may want to play.

They will need a secure, stable home to give them the confidence to interact with other animals and children. They need to be at home alone every now and again because they need a lot of solitude and a chance to just be by themselves.

You may find that they need a lot of activity or a lot of play to keep them feeling happy. They can be difficult to place. Ragdolls are very unusual and not easy to come by. People often want a dog or cat of the same breed or color, so they can’t be passed off as another species.

They also can be expensive, especially if you want to keep them indoors all the time.

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