All 20 Persian Cat Pros And Cons You Should Know

People always ask about the Persian cat pros and cons before getting them, in this article, I will walk you through 20 common Persian cat pros and cons you should know before getting one.

You’ve probably seen these adorable little creatures online and in the news, and you might be wondering what the Persian cat pros and cons are.

Persians are known for their long, flowing coats, large eyes, and enormous, flat-faced head.

And since they’re known for being a little needy and needy of attention, they’ve quickly become some of the most popular cats on the planet.

Persian Cat Pros And Cons

If you are thinking about buying or adopting a Persian cat, here are some pros and cons to consider before you make a decision.

Let’s first start with Persian cat pros:

Persian Cats Are A Playful Breed

The Persian cat is open to playing all day long and this is a great pro to this breed, they don’t mind being picked up.

They do well with families with kids as they are ever ready to keep up with all your kid’s activities.

However, you should always trim your Persian cat claws before allowing your kids to be with them, they don’t know their claws hurts so trim them.

Persian Cats Are Very Affectionate

Persian cats have a lovely disposition and are highly friendly and loving. Whether you live alone or with a family, this breed will blend in nicely.

They adore being cuddled and love nothing more than snuggling up on the sofa or on your lap.

They’re a cat that is fascinating, Persian cats can be unsupervised kittens for a long period of time, therefore they do well on their own.

Being in the family makes it much simpler for this clinging care-goer to deal with than just one individual.

No matter what you do, the Persian wants to be exactly on his lap. You don’t have as much time to hang around at the end of the day as your kitten loves cuddling.

Persian Cats Are Very Sociable

Persian cats are playful and sociable, they are easy-going and with little effort, they are well socialized.

They don’t mind hanging out with their owners and love to walk on a good harness when properly trained.

They have no issues associating with humans or other animals, however, at first, they can be shy.

Persian Cats Are A Very Clean Pet

Persians are typically very clean animals. This is a good pro about the Persian cats as they are one of the cleanest cats.

They love to groom themselves, so you need to be careful so that you won’t have to deal with a hairball.

Persian cats are not messy eaters like Maine coons that will spill food and water on the floor each time they eat.

Even though they are difficult to house train but once you get them to start using the litter box, they will take it from there and remain clean.

Persian Cats Are Very Good With Children

Persians can be relatively good with children of all ages. Do you need a cat that can get along with your kids?

Persian cats got you covered with being attached to your kids, however, they can get into play aggression.

Be sure to trim their claws every 3 weeks to avoid unnecessary injures on your kids because these cats don’t know their claws hurt kids.

Persian Cats Are Very Good With Other Pets

Persians can be relatively good with other pets because of their calm personality.

Many pet owners, especially those who already have pets, are apprehensive about bringing a new animal into their homes.

Persian cats are adaptable, and their friendly nature isn’t restricted to humans; they regularly show their affection for other animals as well!

The Persian cat is a social cat who enjoys hanging out with other cats. It’s even been said that they get along with dogs!

Persian Cats Are A Very Healthy Breed

Persians are a generally healthy breed of cat aside from the eye challenges they have which can be fixed.

According to other owners I spoke with, Persian cats are typically healthy cats, which is one of their best qualities. On the other hand, Persian cats are a hardy breed with few health problems.

This breed originated naturally, without human intervention, and as a result, it has healthier qualities.

Persian Cats Are Very Beautiful

They are beautiful because their fur is thick, long, silky, and shiny. The beauty of their fur when properly groomed is beyond comparison.

Everything about the Persian cat is made of beauty, from their flat funny looking face to their thick long tail covered with fur.

Persian Cats Are Very Easy To Train

Persian cats are very intelligent and respond well to training, when properly trained they can perform tricks.

They are not a stubborn breed, because of their gentle personality and non-aggressive nature, they are very loyal to their owners.

However, it can be difficult to house train at a very young age, so you need to take your time to house train them.

Persian Cats Are Not Territorial

Persian cats are too calm and sluggish to be territorial, when compared to other breeds of cats like Bengal cats.

The Persian cat always wants to meet new people in their homes and will be a big addition to their families when other children visit.

They will like lying on the bed while the children play, and will even agree to participate in the game if there are dogs around.

Persian Cats Are A Non-aggressive Breed

The Persian cats are peaceful and quiet and do not often attack like other cats like Bengal cats.

If you are ever looking for a non-aggressive breed of cat, then you need a Persian cat as a perfect answer.

However, the Persian will adopt one of your children to be a live nightly companion who will soothe them as they sleep.

It may need you to launder the bedding more frequently, but with children, you will most likely need to do so anyhow.

Persian Cats Are Very Adaptable

Persian cats usually adjust quite well to new surroundings quickly, although some can be shy around loud noises.

They are very perfect for all types of lifestyles, most times they will just stay on their own with or without their owners.

However, I don’t encourage you living them at home for too long, and if you’re the type that is not always available, you need to get another pet for them.

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Let’s now talk about Persian cat cons:

Persian Cats Need Lots Of Grooming

They need a lot of grooming. If their coat isn’t brushed, it will get matted and tangled.

Their long fur needs combing on nearly a daily basis to prevent matting, occasional bathing is usually needed to keep the fur in its best condition.

They may need to occasionally cut knots out of hair or even get areas on the body shaved if heavy matting occurs.

Many people are turned off by the fact that Persian cats require frequent grooming, which may be time demanding.

Even a few days without brushing might result in tangles and mats. Furthermore, many pet owners use professional pet groomers at least once a year.

Persian Cats Are Messy

It can be difficult to house train from their kitten’s stage, most of the time they step on their poop and make messy of their spot.

Their long fur traps their poop from time to time, which is not a funny experience for some owners.

When they are much younger, they constantly make a mess of their environment with poop and can be difficult to handle.

However, as they get older they learn more and start keeping their spot clean.

One thing you must do is to always make sure you trim the fur around their butt to avoid their poop getting tangled with the fur.

Persian Cats Need Lots Of Attention

They require a lot of attention, even though some people say they are independent but that is not true.

Persians need human attention, so they aren’t suitable for anyone who can’t spend time with them every day

These cats don’t like being left alone for long periods of time.

If you’re out during the day, it’s better if there’s another pet living with you too that will provide company when you’re not there

Persian Cats Are Very Expensive

They are expensive to buy. Persian cats are a pricey breed of cat, with purebred Persian cats is costing anywhere from $1000 to $3000 USD, which isn’t cheap.

Even if they are still pricey, they are also difficult and expensive to locate, which means that obtaining one is not amusing.

You will also get extra cost of all the necessary things you need to keep them busy and happy.

Persian Cats Are Picky With Food

Persian cats are great at rejecting certain foods that maybe they don’t like, they can go fasting instead of eating what you gave them that they don’t like.

With this in mind, you should not get a large amount of food unless you have confirmed that they are comfortable with it.

The clearest sign that the food you give them is hurting them is excessive shedding, especially early morning and late evening.

So always talk to your vet before changing meals for them.

Persian Cats Are Vocal On Need

Persian cats have a soft voice which makes them look great but when they need anything from their owners you see them being very vocal.

Even with their small voice, you will hear them loudly when they call or when they need your attention.

The most annoying thing is that most of the time they wake you up unnecessarily for no just reason.

Even when they have access to all they need, they will still want you to look out for them.

So owners may not see these as an issue while others may complain about it.

Persian Cats Are Prone To Eye Diseases

Eyes are prone to excessive watering, so they need wiping usually on a daily basis.

They may also need cleaning regularly with a special fluid, as dark staining can occur.

Their flat face can sometimes cause nasal passage blockages and therefore breathing problems.

You must be cleaning the tears or eyes on a regular basis to avoid eye diseases.

Persian Cats Have High Cost Of Maintenance

Another consideration for the needy Persian is hair maintenance.

They must be brushed on a regular basis to avoid tangling of their tendrils and the formation of new hairballs.

Brush with a wide-tooth comb to avoid hurting them.

You can purchase a rubber comb that picks up the hair and pulls the natural oils on their skin that are difficult to stretch out to the outside portion of their pelt owing to the bulk of their fur.

Bathing is more important than you would think when you own a Persian cat.

If your cat is an all-indoor cat or goes outside, the frequency with which he or she needs a wash will vary.

The cost of a professional groomer and high-quality food also increases the cost of maintaining a Persian cat.

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