19 Simple Hacks On How To Keep a Corgi Entertained

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How To Keep a Corgi Entertained
How To Keep a Corgi Entertained

Corgis are energetic herding dogs which is why some owners keep asking how to keep a corgi entertained, and that is exactly what we will be discussing in this post.

It is no secret that corgis are herding dogs that turned into companion dogs which means they require mental stimulation activities to stay happy.

If you don’t keep them busy or entertained while you are away they can become aggressive, scratch carpets, bark unnecessarily, or chew valuables.

Without wasting your time let me quickly list the common ways to keep your corgi entertained…

How To Keep a Corgi Entertained

Ways of entertaining corgis
Ways of entertaining corgis

This post will cover two aspects: when you are away and when you are at home, let’s start with when you are away!

Corgis are energetic herding dogs that require lots of mental stimulation activities to keep them active.

Corgis are prone to separation anxiety if you leave them alone for too long and unattended.

Therefore, let’s look at some common ways you can keep them busy while you are away for some time.

The following well-liked methods for amusing a corgi should be considered:

1. Train your corgi to watch TV shows

Turn on Animal Planet or another animal channel on your TV and turn up the volume to keep your corgi amused while you go outdoors.

In a calm home, the sights and sounds of barking dogs and meowing cats can serve to engage your corgi’s brain and prevent her from looking for opportunities to cause mischief.

This will be more effective if you start training your corgi to sit and watch these channels from his puppy stages.

Calmly watching other dogs or animals on TV shows will definitely keep your corgi entertained.

2. Provide puzzle toys for your corgi

A wonderful and simple approach to keep your corgi occupied and interested is with puzzle toys.

Puzzles and other interactive toys keep your dog engaged in a task and provide valuable extra brain stimulation.

Your dog will notice a tremendous change with only one additional 20-minute game every day.

They have something to concentrate on, and having more purpose in their day helps to reduce undesirable behaviors.

The benefits of puzzle toys include the opportunity for your dog to exercise some of their innate problem-solving skills.

Additionally, you may increase your dog’s confidence and intellectually exhaust them by keeping them entertained with engaging toys.

3. Provide treat-dispensing toys

Corgis love dog treat toys in particular. A good treats dispenser can keep your corgi while you are away.

There may be toys you may leave with them unattended or give them as part of your homecoming routine depending on the sort of chewer they are.

The traditional Kong toy is excellent for occupying a Corgi during the day.

The Bob-A-Lot is a different well-liked toy that gives out treats. 

The snacks fall out when your Corgi pushes the toy with its nose in the proper direction.

Try this robust, long-lasting treat-dispensing toy called the Dog Ball Chew Treat Toy, Interactive Indestructible Tough Puppy Puzzle Toy if your Corgi loves balls.

4. Set up a window view

Maintaining your corgi’s attention as you go about your business may be made much easier by giving him a clear window view of the outside world.

If you live in a busy area during the day, consider setting up a little step so your corgi may climb up to the window and observe what is happening in your neighborhood.

To do this, you must both make the window conveniently accessible and correctly socialize your corgi to stop them from barking at humans or other animals they see through the glass.

Your dog may observe whatever is happening outside your back door if you open the blinds or curtains on a back window in your house.

5. Set up treasure hunting game

Since corgis were bred to be herding dogs that require lots of mental stimulation you can provide them with a treasure hunting game.

Make your dog look for her food by placing discrete heaps of her kibble or stuffed food puzzle toys throughout your home.

Your corgi will enjoy looking for her rewards while you’re at work if you scatter a few handfuls of kibble throughout the locations where she spends the day.

In order to teach her to identify every departure for the day with a happy feeling rather than a bad one, you may also hide one of her meals or a puzzle toy just before you leave the house.

6. Get a second companion pet

Both your corgi and the additional dog that you adopt or rescue benefit from having a companion.

You rescue another pet and offer your current corgi someone to interact with during the day.

You should make sure that any new pet entering your home is healthy, has received all necessary shots and inspections, and gets along with your dog. This is totally up to you.

Reputable rescue organizations frequently let you foster a dog before adopting it, so you can be sure it will get along with your family.

7. Hire a pet sitter

Several trustworthy pet care facilities provide dog sitting and walking services.

They send a licensed, qualified someone to your house on prearranged appointments to walk your corgi.

A dog walker could be the only method for pet parents whose workdays are long enough for their dogs to obtain some much-needed exercise.

I strongly advise getting a GPS tracker for your dog if you do hire a dog walker.

As a result, you will always know where your dog is when he or she is strolling with the dog walker.

8. Provide a water fountain for your corgi

You can also provide a water fountain for your corgi to keep them busy while you are away.

It’s crucial to make sure your dog has access to enough water while no one is home.

Additionally, a dog fountain may pique your corgi’s curiosity while simultaneously supplying a consistent supply of clean, fresh water.

Many corgis enjoy the water, and the sound of rushing water from a fountain may provide your dog with amusement.

In case your corgi does not use the fountain while you are away, be sure to leave the ordinary water bowl available.

Take a look at this PetSafe Drinkwell Gallon Fountain for Cats and Dogs fountain.

9. Talk to your corgi while away through a camera

While you are away you can still talk to your corgi through A Furbo Dog Camera.

We wholeheartedly endorse a Furbo Dog Camera. You can use it from anywhere to see, communicate with, and throw treats at your dog.

In this way, you can talk to your dog while you’re at work and give your dog goodies from a distance.

Even a daily overview video of your dog’s activities will be sent to you!

There you have it.

Now let’s talk about when you are at home, and how will you keep your corgi entertained!

10. Play a reward shell game

The shell game is a straightforward game that helps dogs solve problems, and your corgi will like playing it.

Allow your dog to observe as you bury a treat under one of the three cups while you play the shell game with your dog.

After that, you shake the cups around to help them “discover the treat.”

Your dog will benefit from the cerebral exercise and problem-solving practice provided by the shell game.

11. Play a game of Tug of War

One of the finest ways to have a meaningful play with your corgi is to play a game of tug of war.

It’s a fantastic method to give your corgi both mental and physical exercise.

You may play it with your corgi inside because it doesn’t need a lot of space.

Contrary to popular belief, playing tug of war won’t get your corgi aggressive, and giving them the victory won’t make them dominating.

Giving your corgi the victory just increases their enjoyment of the game and motivates them to play more.

It has been shown that dogs that play tug with their owners are more obedient and self-assured.

12. Let your corgi help with chores

Even if it’s just to get your slippers, your corgi will adore having a task to complete.

By teaching your corgi the names of certain objects you wouldn’t mind having recovered, you can increase their sense of usefulness.

Teach your corgi to bring you something from the refrigerator to wow all of your friends.

When training your corgi to open a refrigerator door, wrap a towel around the handle to make it simple for them to do so.

Additionally, you may educate your corgi to assist with household duties if you’re feeling very superhuman.

13. Start teaching your corgi new tricks

Does your corgi know how to leap through a hoop and weave between your legs?

You can always teach your dog a new trick, and believe me when I tell you that teaching your dog to weave between your legs is simpler than it sounds.

The ability to improvise and up the difficulty is one of the finest aspects of trick training.

You may take it up a level and mix your dog’s taught behaviors into brand-new tricks once they have mastered a number of tricks.

Here are some tricks to teach your corgi:

  1. To answer name
  2. Go down
  3. Stand up
  4. Heel
  5. Jump
  6. Touch
  7. Stop
  8. Sit
  9. Roll over
  10. To respond to clickers
  11. Release
  12. Come
  13. Go
  14. Run
  15. Stay
  16. Take it
  17. Leave it
  18. Bring it
  19. Leap
  20. Spin
  21. Go to place
  22. High five
  23. Paw
  24. Up
  25. Down
  26. Shake
  27. Speak
  28. Catch
  29. Back
  30. Bow
  31. Crawl
  32. Play dead, etc.

14. Start the hide and seek game

Your corgi puppy will like hunting for food and toys since they have a keen sense of scent, which will satisfy their need to find prey.

With your puppy, you may play games both indoors and outside by hiding a treat or a piece of dog food and letting him find it.

Practice giving commands like “stay” and “come” at this time.

Play hide & seek by hiding behind a door or a piece of furniture and calling your puppy’s name.

They’ll try to find you, and if they succeed, you could commend them or give them a small treat.

15. Playing the fetch game

Your corgi can be entertained using a ball, stout rope, or stick.

Ask your corgi to find the rope, stick, or ball after you throw it.

Additionally, you may instruct your corgi to sit or heel before releasing the ball.

Depending on your corgi’s age, 9 to 13 raps should be sufficient to deplete his energy.

The distance traveled should also be taken into account.

To prevent muscular pain, don’t overstress them by rapping them too frequently.

To learn how to play the fetch game, do a YouTube search.

16. Massage your corgi

Both the owner and your corgi benefit from learning how to massage a dog, as a way of keeping him entertained.

Almost every corgi may be calmed and relaxed with a decent massage.

Additionally, since it relieves tight and achy joints, dog massages are fantastic for elderly corgis or those suffering from arthritis.

Giving your corgi a massage lowers anxiety, relieves tension, boosts circulation, and strengthens your relationship with them.

17. Start your own obstacle game with your corgi

Inside your house, you and your corgi can start any form of obstacle game.

Have your corgi go among his toys, jump over some towels, and then lie down on a blanket.

Create some imaginary barriers for your corgi to follow using your imagination.

You move on to the toy weave once your corgi has mastered jumping over the towels.

Adding new tricks to previous ones can keep your corgi’s mind active and promote attention.

18. Teach your corgi to bring things

Giving your dog a basic task to perform while also providing them with additional mental stimulation is possible by teaching them to collect their leash or harness.

You can train your corgi to go and get her leash before you and she goes for a walk, and she’ll also collect your boots and her harness.

Even if it’s not much, it’s just enough to keep her occupied and attentive while you get ready.

You can keep your corgi entertained by teaching him a variety of new skills.

19. Play the switching hand game

For training and activities including scent work, diced watermelon or carrots work well as treats.

Corgis adore diced carrots or watermelon, and they are low in calories and simple to make.

This game is a terrific place to start if you’ve been considering training your dog some scent work exercises.

The only thing you’ll need is some dog treats, but you can substitute some chopped fruits and vegetables or homemade dog treats if you don’t have any on hand.

Here’s how it works

Hold out your fists in front of your dog while holding a reward in one of your hands.

When your dog sniffs or paws the correct hand, open it up and give them the reward. Let them select which hand it is in.

Don’t get discouraged if he makes a bad decision; it may take him a few times to figure it out. Also, keep in mind that the gentle “touch” command will be useful.

With the information provided on this page, I strongly hope your concerns about how to keep a corgi entertained, were resolved.

By Samuel Akira

Samuel Akira has 12 years of experience with dogs his a major author in Pet Creeks and currently living and taking care of 2 different breeds of dogs, Samuel Akira is here to write and share his years of experience with dogs.