Can Maltese Eat Watermelon: 3 Safe Ways To Feed

Can Maltese Eat Watermelon
Can Maltese Eat Watermelon

Watermelons are packed with nutrients needed by both humans and dogs, so can Maltese eat watermelon! Yes, let’s find out more.

I will highlight the potential benefits and drawbacks of overfeeding Maltese with watermelon.

I will also discuss some common questions regarding watermelon and Maltese and finally outline some safe ways to offer watermelon to Maltese.

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Can Maltese Eat Watermelon

Yes, Maltese eat ripe watermelon slices without the seeds or rinds, since watermelon slices are healthful snacks when served in moderation and can offer lots of benefits to Maltese.

Watermelon is a low-calorie, high-nutrient food rich in vitamins A, B6, C, and potassium, all of which are beneficial to Maltese health.

To begin, watermelon seeds might clog your intestines, so be careful when removing them.

A watermelon’s skin should also be removed because it might cause gastrointestinal troubles.

Are unripe watermelon safe for Maltese

Unripe watermelon has high levels of malic and citric acids, which can cause malaise and dehydration in Maltese people.

Unripe watermelon should never be served to Maltese because of the level of acids in it. 

Are Maltese allergic to watermelon

While Maltese dogs are not allergic to watermelon, each Maltese is different, and some may be sensitive to foods that are commonly thought to be good for dogs.

As a result, Maltese owners must introduce little slices of watermelon as treats gradually to watch how their dogs react.

Consult your veterinarian if your Maltese shows any signs of difficulty after eating watermelon.

Are watermelon seeds safe for Maltese

Although watermelon seeds do not contain any potentially harmful chemicals, they might induce avoidable intestinal obstructions, thus you should not feed them to your Maltese.

In fact, before serving the watermelon to your Maltese, make sure you remove all of the seeds.

Are watermelon leaves safe for Maltese

Whereas watermelon leaves are not harmful to Maltese, they do contain a high molecular weight cellulose structure that is difficult to digest for Maltese and might cause blockages, resulting in avoidable health concerns.

Can Maltese have watermelon juice

Yes, Maltese can have plain watermelon juice or purée without adding any sweeteners or sugar in moderation, while commercial watermelon juice might induce stomach discomfort that can be avoided.

Never feed your Maltese watermelon juice or purée that you haven’t made yourself, and if you do, don’t sweeten it.

Are watermelon safe for Maltese puppies

Watermelon should not be provided to Maltese pups under the age of 12 weeks since their stomachs are still maturing.

Watermelon can be eaten in moderation by Maltese pups over the age of 12 weeks, but it should not account for more than 10% of their daily calorie intake.

Are watermelon rinds safe for Maltese

Watermelon rinds do not contain any substances that might harm your Maltese, but they do contain hard fibrous tissue that Maltese are unable to digest, resulting in gastrointestinal obstructions that could have been avoided.

The Maltese have a hard time breaking down the rind, which is more difficult to stomach than the flesh or meat.

As a result, you must remove the exterior rinds before feeding your Maltese watermelons.

How much watermelon is safe for Maltese to eat

A medium-sized Maltese may have at least 4 to 7 small slices of watermelon every sitting, accounting for around 10% of their daily calorie consumption.

Watermelon should be served as a treat rather than a full meal, and it should not exceed 10% of Maltese’s daily calories or meal.

Benefits of feeding watermelon to Maltese

Here are a few of the most often claimed benefits of allowing Maltese to eat watermelon in moderation:

  1. Watermelons can assist Maltese keep hydrated due to their high water content.
  2. Maltese can benefit from watermelon to help them fight inflammation.
  3. Watermelon’s fiber content might help Maltese digest their food.
  4. Watermelon can help Maltese with muscular aches and pains.
  5. Watermelon can help Maltese’s immune system if given in moderation.
  6. Giving watermelon to Maltese will provide them with additional antioxidants.
  7. Maltese may benefit from the additional vitamin found in watermelon.
  8. When eaten in moderation, watermelon can provide additional nutrients to Maltese.

Disadvantages of overfeeding Maltese with watermelon

Some of the drawbacks of overfeeding your Maltese with watermelons are as follows:

  1. Intestinal difficulties can occur in Maltese pups that eat too much ripe watermelon.
  2. Overfeeding your Maltese with watermelon might result in diarrhea.
  3. You may experience stomach pain and nausea if you overfeed your Maltese watermelon.
  4. A Maltese’s stomach will become inflamed if it consumes too much watermelon.
  5. If a Maltese eats too much watermelon, he may get stomach bloating.

How to feed watermelon to Maltese

Under flowing tap water, wash the watermelon healthy fruit ball as well as your cutting knife.

With a clean knife, cut the watermelon into proper sizes and set it in a clean dish or cutting board.

As quickly as possible, return the remaining to your refrigerator or any other cold storage container or device.

Scraping the watermelon rinds slowly and carefully, then removing the watermelon seed once the rinds have been removed.

Here are some common and safe ways to offer watermelon to Maltese:

1. Offer watermelon as treats during training

When it comes to dog treats and rewards, don’t go overboard, and remember the 10% rule.

The Maltese like doing duties in exchange for a prize.

Pick up 5 to 8 small watermelon slices to use as training snacks.

These watermelon slices may be used to teach your Maltese a new trick or to reward him for doing something good, like not barking excessively.

The majority of Maltese behavior concerns may be resolved with proper obedience training and rewards like watermelon slices.

2. Offer watermelon slice with other fruits

Regardless of what humans know and eat, no single diet has it all; this also applies to dog food, however, you might argue that wet dog food is better than dry dog food.

Because wet dog food is more expensive than dry dog food, why not try to increase the value of your Maltese dry dog food?

Giving your Maltese fruits and vegetables as rewards is a common way to add value to their diet.

As long as you stick to the 10% rule, you may offer your Maltese a nutritious fruit mix such as a few pieces of watermelon, apples, mango, and bananas.

Here are some common foods Maltese can eat:

  1. Banana
  2. Strawberries
  3. Apples
  4. Eggs
  5. Blueberries

3. Stuff Kong with watermelon slice

To keep things simple, put a slice of watermelon in a Kong and freeze it with your Maltese kibbles (dry dog food).

Take 1/3 of the quantity of food you’ll feed your Maltese for the day and wet it with water as you’re measuring it out.

9 to 15 moistened watermelon slices should be put to the dog food and frozen in your Kong together.

Spread peanut butter on the exposed side of the Kong once it has been frozen, and give it to your Maltese to keep him engaged while you are doing other things.

By Aiguo Kai

Aiguo Kai is one of the authors and editors of Pet Creeks, he is focused on teaching and providing useful information about pets. Especially dogs, he enjoys writing and sharing his 10 years of experiences with dogs so far.