Are Yorkies Good Dogs: 13 Reasons To Get a Yorkie

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Are Yorkies Good Dogs
Are Yorkies Good Dogs

People do ask are Yorkies good dogs and that is exactly what I will be discussing all through this post so keep reading.

I will be sharing different reasons why you should consider getting a Yorkie as a pet.

Are Yorkies Good Dogs

Yes, Yorkies are considered good dogs as they are known for being great companion dogs and great family dogs, Yorkies also show great affection towards their owners and are kid-friendly.

Yorkies show great affection towards their owners which makes them popular in the western world.

Again, Yorkies shed less making them a great pet for people with dog allergies.

Their human-like hair makes them a great pet for people who wish to have a fluffy companion without having hair all over their house.

Let’s now look at some common reasons why you should get a Yorkie.

Why Yorkies are good dogs

Here are some of the most common reasons why you should consider getting a Yorkie:

1. Yorkies are good companion dogs

Being a good companion dog is one of the great reasons why Yorkies are considered good dogs.

Yorkies are usually companion animals who give affection and friendship to individuals who are in need.

Even if a person is in a stressful situation, this breed may be able to convey serenity and tranquillity.

Therefore, these pups are common in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, as well as among senior citizens and couples.

Young folks and families with older children are also fans of this breed. One Yorkie even acted as a therapy dog to wounded soldiers. 

2. Yorkies are affectionate in nature

One of the common ways Yorkies show affection is by licking your face and snuggling up to you when you are sleeping.

They also love to greet their loved ones at the doorway when they return home from work or anywhere.

Cuddling is one of the most typical ways for Yorkies to express their affection for their owners; if a Yorkie loves you, it will want to spend all of its time with you.

Yorkies grow anxious when they find that their owner is going to work and begin barking loudly to get your attention.

This breed recognizes your sadness and wishes to assist you in feeling better.

They are loving, however, they will rapidly indicate their dislike for being held if they are dissatisfied with you.

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3. Yorkies are not heavy shedders

Most dog owners get upset when they come home to find hair everywhere in their house, even on their closest.

Yorkies are not heavy shedders like pugs, which is why I consider Yorkies to be good dogs.

Although Yorkies lose a small amount of hair, their shedding rate is so low that you could think they don’t shed at all.

Yorkies shed for a variety of reasons that are beyond their control; nevertheless, the causes of shedding in Yorkies may be regulated but not eradicated.

Yorkies are known for their long hair and for being a non-shedding undercoat breed; they do shed, but not as much as most other breeds.

4. Yorkies are social breeds

Yorkies love hanging out with their owners at dog parks or for an evening walk down the street.

Yorkies are an excellent choice if you want a dog that can quickly adapt to other people’s lives or help you make new acquaintances.

Yorkies like traveling to parks and recreational areas, so if you want to spend a lot of time outside, a Yorkie is a dog for you.

When you’re out in public, though, you should always have something to entertain your Yorkie.

Yorkies are more difficult to socialize than most other dog breeds.

It’s important to remember that Yorkies can bark excessively for various reasons.

5. Yorkies adapt well to apartment

Yorkies are the best breed for you if you need a dog that can live with you in a little area.

Yorkies are little dog breeds that thrive in flats due to their small size, low activity levels, and low desire for exercise.

It doesn’t matter where you live or what you do as long as you’re with them; they don’t care where you are or what you’re doing as long as you’re with them.

Yorkies have the advantage of being able to live in both an apartment and a country house.

They are so devoted to the owner that if required, they would live in a tent.

6. Yorkies are kid-friendly

Yorkies get along well with kids, however, due to their tiny stature kids should be trained on how to handle them.

Yorkies are a vivacious breed that likes playing with children but has to be trained, which is why they are introduced together.

A healthy Yorkie can stay all day in the garden with a child eager to run around.

When you return home, you could find your children sleeping on the same bed as your Yorkie.

This is because they have both spent a substantial amount of time, they can also spend time together playing video games.

Yorkies are more closely associated with children who play with them on a regular basis than with children who do not. If you have active children, you are more likely to have a Yorkie.

7. Yorkie gets along with other dogs

Yorkies were bred to be companion dogs, and through selective breeding, the breed has maintained this trait.

Yorkies are one of, if not the best, dog breeds for getting along with other dogs because of their buddy nature.

Yorkies like playing, and having another dog around makes life much easier for them.

Because of their size, Yorkies are not suitable for large dogs, but they are better suited to other toy dogs.

8. Yorkies get along with cats

Although Yorkies are the best breed of dog that gets along with cats, with proper socialization they do get along with cats.

Because of their sociable nature, Yorkies get along well with cats, but they must first be socialized and trained.

The majority of Yorkie owners believe that having a Yorkie in the house improves their quality of life.

Make sure the Yorkie has been well-trained, especially in obedience, before introducing it to a home with a cat.

9. Yorkies are suitable for Senior Citizens

The Yorkies are the dog for you if you’re a mature adult looking for a companion after you retire.

For a number of reasons, every senior citizen requires a dog, and Yorkie will offer you all you need to know about living with a dog as a senior citizen.

However, as a senior person, you still have the responsibility of combing or brushing your Yorkie on regular basis to avoid hair tangle.

Keep your Yorkie’s hair as short as possible if you can’t keep up with grooming it.

10. Yorkies are good watchdogs

Yorkies have exceptional vision and hearing, and having one around the house offers security.

If a stranger arrives or trespasses inside the house, your Yorkie will notify you with nonstop barking.

They are said to be excellent watchdogs. With these tiny dogs around, you’ll be less worried about robbers and crooks breaking in unnoticed. 

Yorkies are not good guard dogs but are excellent watchdogs that will always bark when a stranger enters the territory.

11. Yorkies are easy to transport

Do you want to be able to take your dog with you everywhere you go? The Yorkies have you covered there, too.

You can take them with you everywhere you go, whether you’re on the bus, walking down a busy city street, or shopping in a mall.

Due to their size, all you need is a nice Yorkie’s carrier to make traveling with your dog stress-free.

12. Yorkies are suitable for singles

Are you seeking a canine friend and are single? Then Yorkies will provide you with all the love, attention, and cuddles you’ll ever require.

Yorkies are growing more popular as a consequence of their strong attachment to their owners and families.

Yorkies are the breed for you if you live alone and need a dog to keep you company.

13. Yorkies don’t require extensive exercises

If you own a Yorkie be rest assured you don’t need extensive daily exercise sessions to keep them fit.

Because of its small size, the Yorkies is an excellent choice for people who aren’t or can’t be active every day.

Because they’re little, they don’t require many outside activities.

It may be enough to keep them healthy if you have a patio or balcony.

You can better manage their needs by taking a few trips to the grass to pee or using an indoor device.

To keep them intellectually engaged inside, you’ll want to have a range of toys accessible for them to play with, but that’s usually all you need to do.

By Nelly Cage

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