9 Top Reasons Why Cat Is Suddenly Afraid Of You

People ask why cat is suddenly afraid of you? And in this article we will outline the reasons your cat can suddenly be afraid of you.

Cats are fun pets to be with, but can also change their feelings towards their owners depending on how we treat them.

A cat can suddenly change the way it sees the owner because of direct or indirect action of the owner.

It is important to note that every indoor cat depends on their owners for everything they need. Even security dependence is what we owe our cat.

Having a cat is like having an agreement or responsibility between you and the cat, if you bridge the agreement your cat can turn against you.

Keeping this agreement is not a simple task because it requires your time, money, and patience.

Living with a cat that is afraid of you is a perfect recipe for transforming an indoor cat into a stray cat.

That been said, let’s find out some reasons or what can push a cat that has been living with you to suddenly become afraid of you.

Why cat is suddenly afraid of you

Here are the simple reasons your cat will suddenly see you as an outcast or a betrayal.

Remember, we said living with a cat is like an agreement, and if you bridge the agreement, your cat will certainly stay away from you.

So let’s find out how or what a cat can see as a bridge of contract.

You Are Always Shouting At Your Cat Unnecessarily

When your cat offends you or does something wrong, it is not right to start shouting at the cat, but it is right to make a quiet correction.

Remember, these cats are animals and not humans, so they require proper training and patience to learn.

The simple understanding a cat has about shouting at them is that you are telling them to stay away from you.

It’s as simple as that shouting at your cat is telling your cat to back off.

And when your cat backs off you start complaining your cat is suddenly afraid of you.

Do not for any reason transfer aggression to your cat.

Let’s say you broke up with someone, and when you return home and your cat runs up to greet you and because you had a bad day, you start shouting at your cat.

This is a total bridge of contract, or someone got you sad, and you transfer it to your cat.

When your cat wants to play and cuddle, you shout at the cat. This is a perfect recipe for a cat seeing the owner as an outcast.

Beating Your Cat When You Should Make Corrections

If you have accepted the responsibility of living with a cat, also accept taking every responsibility that comes with living with a cat.

Beating your cat for any reason is a poor practice, and cats consider it as a bridge of contract.

There are lots of myths about indoor cats you need to know as a cat owner. Do you know that beating up your cat always can force your cat to find a new home?

When ever your cat gets it wrong beating your cat will never solve the problem, rubbing your cat mouth on its poop will never stop your cat from dropping its poop anywhere.

But teaching your cat how to use the litter box will stop your cat from dropping poop anywhere.

So for your cat not to suddenly become afraid of you, don’t beat your cat up rather be patient and make corrections.

You Reminded Your Cat of a Traumatic Experience

Cats are among the pets that keep records, maybe because they are smart. And reminding your cat about a traumatic experience is a bridge of contract.

There are some causes of cat trauma that may repeat itself over the years, and if you trigger of the traumatic experience, you are telling your cat to back off.

Some of the symptoms of the traumatic experience include the cat hiding when it’s unnecessary to hide.

Do not bridge your contract with your cat by reminding your cat about a traumatic experience, or allowing your cat to encounter a traumatic experience over and over.

Even if it’s a human that you keep reminding about a traumatic experience, such person will definitely stay away from you.

So apply this context if you are living with your cat. If you know of any traumatic experience your cat had, make sure it doesn’t repeat itself.

Your Cat Is Sick

Most sick need your attention to pull through, if you are not paying attention to your cat may feel you bridged your contract and decide to stay away from you.

Remember when you got the cat it means you have a contract or responsibility to care for the cat, and when the cat needs your attention, you will turn it down.

Cats can hide sickness for a long time, so always lookout for some changes.

You Are Not Paying Attention To Your Cat Needs

When you stop to pay attention to your cat or your cat needs definitely your cat will stop coming close to you.

Cats have lots of needs and each need must be met to strengthen the bond between you and your cat.

Sometimes your cat wants to play but you will be too busy and not paying attention to your cat, if this continues your cat will be afraid of you overtime.

Your Are Forcing A Change On Your Cat

There are no two ways about it, forcing a change on your cat is a bridge of contract between you and your cat and will trigger off sudden fear.

If you try to force your cat to change to what suits you, definitely this will make your cat scared of you and start hiding from you.

An example is when you have been feeding your cat with wet food and suddenly you decide to switch to dry food, then you want to force your cat to change overnight.

Always remember some breeds of cats will try to run away when you force certain change on them.

You Brought In A New Pet or Family Member

The presence of a new pet or family member cat forces a cat to change its mind towards you.

There are simple tips to help you add a new cat to your home without bridging the contract you have with your cat.

Cats are used to a calm environment, and when they start hearing loud noises, they tend to be confused and get scared.

Loud noises and abuse can force your cat to disappear without coming back. There are still many ways to help a cat adjust to a new home.

A scared cat will hide away from its own, so if you will have a new family member, be sure to officially introduce the person to your cat.

You Are Always Changing Your Cat Daily Routine

This is one of the first thing that should cross your mind when you come up with the question, why would my cat suddenly be afraid of me?

Changing the daily routine of any animal is not always easy, and in cats particularly it can force your cat to be scared of you or its environment.

You Are Allowing Your Cat Go Outside When is not Safe

Letting your cat go outside comes with lots of terrible experience, and can force lots of changes in your cat.

When cats go outside without your approval, they try to sneak in without your approval too, when they find out you caught them they will be afraid.

Try to socialize your cat so that your cat will feel relaxed when outside.

Socializing your cat comes with lots of benefits, however there are many ways to stop your cats from wanting to go outside.

They’re still lots of reasons you should not allow your cat to go outside.

It is right to say that they are more benefits to keeping your cats indoors than allowing your cat go outside.

Common Behaviors of a Scared Cat

Common Behaviors of a Scared Cat - Why would my cat suddenly be afraid of me
Common Behaviors of a Scared Cat – Why would my cat suddenly be afraid of me
  • Changes in eating habits
  • Hiding
  • Freezing in one spot
  • Less activeness
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Excessive vocalization
  • Trembling
  • Not using the litter box
  • Anxiety

How to help a Scared Cat

  • Quickly adjust your home to a better cat environment.
  • Give your cat space
  • Expose the cat to the object of its fear and stand by the cat
  • Get interactive toys
  • Start your cat’s favorite game
  • Give your cat treats
  • Allow your cat to trust you
  • See your vet if all of the above didn’t work

Final words on why cat is suddenly afraid of you

Most of the time you as the cat owner is the reason your cat is afraid of you.

Some practices that you carry out contribute to how your cat sees you when passing through hard times.

We advise you to make the bond between you and your cat stronger by spending unforgettable time with your cat.

If you have created a strong bond between you and your cat, the cat will trust you and confined in you.

Instead of running away from you, your cat will be running towards you, so create a strong bond between you and your cat.