10 Best Approaches On How To Find A Lost Outdoor Cat That Works

How to Find a Lost Outdoor Cat Within Your City

Looking for how to find a lost outdoor cat within your city? Welcome!!! In this post we will outline some of the ways that will help you to find a lost cat, within your city or within your locality.

Outdoor cats always stand high chances of disappearing for days for so many reasons. One of the best way to keep track of your cat is putting a tracker on your cat.

If you are the type that keeps an outdoor cat, you will be used to looking for your cat once a week or more.

However, the most established outdoor cat will always find its way home after taking a trip.

Outdoor cats are great hunters and are known to roam far away from home, in search of new hunting territory, hunting partner or for reproductive reasons.

Most outdoor cat leave home for days, some may even leave home for weeks and still return when they are done with the business that took them always from home.

If you actually love your cat to be an outdoor cat, then you will have to find time to study and understand your cat and its movement.

When you properly understand your outdoor cat is when you sit down and tell yourself how long will your cat be gone before you say it’s missing.

Steps On How to Find a Lost Outdoor Cat

Here are some basic steps to take or things to do to find your lost cat within your city or locality;

Search all possible cat hiding places

Outdoor cats roam a lot and can travel far from there territory, outdoor cats are also good at hiding in people’s basement.

They visit hidden places to search for mice or places that are cool to take a nap, outdoor cats cross other animal paths and get into fights.

If your cat is in bad shape after fighting, feeling threatened and hiding, she may not respond when you call her.

As you look, check every nook and cranny big enough for your cat to crawl.

Check construction sites, parking lots and alleys. It can also be helpful to see in the dark when it’s quiet and you can hear your cat better if he reacts.

Talk to local animal control officers

If your cat disappears and is healthy or injured, anyone carrying it will seek out the nearest animal control before going to the shelter.

Before calling animal control, be sure to check with your neighbors or ask if there are no positive answers. You can contact animal control.

There is always a local animal control officer around every neighborhood, they might not be on patrol always, but they are always around to help.

Tell them how your cat look like and give them your contact address just to contact you if something positive comes up and get their contact too, so that you check up on them as well.

Ask around your neighborhood

Ask around - How to Find a Lost Outdoor Cat Within Your City
Ask around – How to Find a Lost Outdoor Cat Within Your City

Cats are always moving from one place to another, especially when the owner is not around.

Don’t be too sure that your neighbor who is a cat lover or has a cat will not care for and feed your cat as you do.

If your cat is lost, look around before doing anything.

Finding time to track your cat’s activity is a great recipe for knowing where to get your cat when your cat is not coming home.

Try tracking your cat to see if he has any friends around you.

If you have a neighbor who feeds your cat, or if you have a hangover and someone else has a female cat a few blocks away, don’t be surprised that once you off work your cat will run away with some friends.

If you find that your cat is missing, don’t hesitate to ask your neighbors if they know the way about of your cat.

Talk to local animal rescue organizations

There are areas that form animal rescue organizations that take care of lost or abandoned animals so be sure to check with them.

Local rescue organizations are just dedicated animal lovers organizations that are always ready to help animals in need or missing.

So make sure to contact them if your cat gets lost.

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Make flyers and posters with pictures of your cat

Create a booklet with relevant information about your cat, including a name and physical description.

Include all contact information, including your name, telephone number and email address.

If possible, include a copy of your cat’s photo.

Send and share flyers where your cat was last seen, in your neighborhood at home, and on any social service, you come in contact with.

Make sure the booklet gets to every part of your city. If your cat is still alive, sure you will get it back.

Talk to local animal shelters

There are local animal shelters everywhere, and this shelter is one of the first places a missing animal is brought to for safety.

File a complaint with the local animal shelter and provide your cat details and pictures, also get their contact so that you keep in touch with them as the search progress.

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Try to post on local social media pages

There are lots of forums, and social media pages created for pet lovers and owners.

Most of these forums have members all over the city who are living with one pet or the other.

All you need to do is to make a copy of your cat pictures, write your address and how much you missed your cat.

Some times it is even better to talk to the admin of each group as every admin has a way of sending out information when it is urgent.

Advertise in Local newspapers

In every city, there are lots of local newspapers where you can easily advertise your missing cat.

Drop your cat pictures and details with the local newspapers and get their contact as well.

Make sure you check the newspapers on a daily basis to see if any positive result comes up.

Check with every Vet Around

Wounded animals are brought to the vet all the time, don’t rule out the possibility of your cat been brought to the vet in a pool of blood because it got into a fight.

Be sure to check with every Vet within the city, when going remember to go with your cat medical records if possible with your cat registration id.

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Talk to a pet detective

If after all the above steps you are still unable to locate your cat, then it is time to choose a detective specially trained for missing animal tracking or a professional animal tracking device.

If you can’t find one, ask a question on the forums or ask online to find a good pet detective.

Like we said before, this is your last option on our list of the best things to do to find an outdoor lost cat.

There are people who are trained to track down animals, they have their ways of getting the required result.

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How long will an outdoor cat be gone before you say its missing

This question has no definite answer therefore it’s subjective. It all depends on your cat roaming or travel schedule that is why it has no definite answer.

However, depending on how often your cat comes home after a trip you can say your cat is missing after 2-4 days and your cat fails to come home as the case, maybe.

Some outdoor cats come home every day, some go and come back every 2days, some even come home after every 3 days, therefore you should understand your cat’s schedule.

If you have a cat that comes home every day then give your cat a grace of two days before saying it is missing, similarly if your cat comes home after 3 days then add 2 more days before concluding.

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How to know your cat is missing

  • No sign of your cat for food: You can say your cat is missing if your cat has skipped 4 to 8 meals at a go, this means your cat did not eat 2 breakfast in a row and two dinners in a row as well.
  • No sign of your cat in the neighborhood: A cat that is not missing will always be around his territory, even if it does not come home. So there is no sight of your cat in the neighborhood 2 to 3 days from when it was last seen, then your cat may be missing.
  • Cat did not answer when called: sometimes when we want to see our outdoor cat, we just walk around the neighborhood and call the cat. Most times when we make this call, our cat will just run out of its hood and answer the call. So you can only say your cat is missing if you have called your cat for at least 24 hours, and you get no response.
  • Your cat did not check up on you for too long: even though cats roam a lot they still care about their home, most outdoor cats will come home at noon to check up on their owners, so if your cat did not check up on you for two noon then something is wrong somewhere.
  • Your cat friends do not know its way about: Cats do make human friends as well as cat friends too. Most times they go to visit their friends may even stay with their friend for long. If you pay close attention to your cat, you will get to know where your cat goes, and if where your cat goes says nothing about its way about then something is wrong somewhere.

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Why do cats run away

Here are some simple reasons why cats run away from home, which are as follows;

  • Hunting
  • Hunger
  • Territory
  • Abuse
  • Reproduction
  • Escape from Death Threat

There is no specific answer to how long a cat will be away before you say it is missing, it all depends on your cat travelling or roaming schedule.

Final Words On How To Find A Lost Outdoor Cat

If you have an outdoor cat, make sure you have a good tracking system put in place.

Also make sure to find time to know places in your city where your cat travels to, or make sure you know your cat’s territorial range.

Make sure you identify with other cat owners in your city and make friends with them as it will one help you.

Lastly, if you have an outdoor cat put a detailed tag on your cat neck, which contains your home address or contact.

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