13 Tricks On How To Train A Cat To Stay Indoors

How to train a cat to stay indoors

How to train a cat to stay indoors is a question asked in forums and platforms, even some new cat owners have also ask this question.

In this post, we will discuss 13 simple and possible ways you can train a cat to stay at home without wanting to go outside for any reason.

One of the major ways to train a cat to stay indoors is to provide your cat with a comfortable cat environment.

There are many reasons a cat would want to go outside, and there are also many ways to stop a cat from wanting to go outside.

Cats roam a lot and can travel far from home, in the process they can get lost or get killed by vehicles or predators.

It is important to keep your cat indoors at any cost because indoor cats live longer and happier than outdoor cats who live shorter.

There are many reasons you should not allow your cat to go outside, peace of mind towards your cat is the most important reason.

If you allow your cat to outside, you will keep thinking if the cat will be killed or if your cat will get lost, there keep your cat indoors and have peace of mind.

How to train a cat to stay indoors

Here are the 13 simple ways to train your cat to stay indoors, which in turn makes your cat live longer.

Neuter The Cat Early

One of the first things to when training a cat to stay indoors is to make sure you get a neutered cat.

If you get a cat that is not neutered, then you have to take your cat to the vet to get neutered.

No matter how you train a cat to stay and the cat is not neutered, the cat will always want to go outside for reproductive reasons.

Remember, a neutered cat will never be on heat, which is the major reason cats want to go outside to find a mate.

Teach Your Cat How To Watch Cat Movies

Teach Your Cat How To Watch Cat Movies
Teach Your Cat How To Watch Cat Movies – How to train a cat to stay indoors

Teaching your cat how to watch TV is also a way of training your cat to stay indoors when you are away.

Cats are curious animals that love to explore things, they are also curious about seeing new things or other cats.

There are many cat movies you can get that will keep your cat busy for more than 3 hours in a day.

Teach Your Cat How To Find Hidden Treats

Train your cat to find hidden treats or get an automatic treat dispenser that uses time to dispense treats.

Cat love to play with a ball treat dispenser, and they will keep rolling it to get more treat.

Smelling the treat inside a manual ball treat dispenser makes your cat curious and will always keep your cat busy.

Teach Your Cat The Necessary Obedience Training

Teaching your cat the basic obedience training is vital to keeping your cat at home.

Teaching your cat when to stay and when to move or eat helps you establish yourself as the pack leader.

Do not shout at your cat, give commands when necessary. Remember to teach your cat to sit or stay in command.

Use clickers to give your cat basic commands, as this will help your cat stay home.

Train your cat with clicker until each time your cat hears the sound of the clicker your cat knows what to do.

Teach Your Cat How To Play With Interactive Toys

Play with toys makes cat happy and healthy because cats also use playing with toy as a form of exercise.

Training your cat to play with lots of interactive toys can keep your cat indoors.

There are fish moving toys that keep jumping up and down, your cat will try to catch the fish.

This will keep your cat busy and entertained, cats also get needed exercises while jumping up and down with the interactive.

Teach Your Cat to Use the Scratch Post

Cats love to remove their old nails by scratching against a scratch post.

You need to train your cat on how to use a scratch post, as this will prevent your cat from wanting to go outside.

Training your cat to use the scratch post will also help save your furniture and to keep the cat indoors.

Regular Grooming

Grooming your cat is a good practice for indoor cats.

Most cats love grooming and will feel relaxed when you are grooming them.

Grooming also helps to remove dead hair and skin from your cat, and this makes cats happy.

Grooming also help prevent a health condition known as hairballs.

Hairball is a condition in cat that affects your cat digestion of food.

This occurs when you fall to groom your cat, and your cat keeps licking itself because of the dead skin that makes the cat uncomfortable.

Over these undigested hair forms balls in the stomach of your cat.

Teach Your Cat How To Use The Litter Box

Teach Your Cat How To Use The Litter Box
Teach Your Cat How To Use The Litter Box – How to train a cat to stay indoors

Teaching your cat to use the litter box inside and not going outside is a good way of training a cat to stay indoors.

Cats love to hide to poop, and they also love to cover their poop.

You should train your cat from the first day on how to use the litter box, and your cat will never want to go outside to poop again.

One question for you; what are the things that scare cats? Find out things that scare cats here.

Avoid Regular Visit Of Other Pets

Animals can attract other animals on regular visits.

Avoid other animals that cat attract your cat to go outside.

Cats love to play with other cats, and if you keep allowing other cats into your home, this can cause your cat to follow the cat outside.

Train Your Cat to Avoid Mice

Mice is one of the major reason your cat will want to go outside.

Your cat sees your home as its territory and would not want to see any other animal around.

Cats love to hunt mice, so the easiest way to train your cat to avoid mice is by blocking all entrance and exit routes of a mouse.

When you are away for work, your cat can chase a mouse outside and can get lost or trapped in the process.

At night when you are sleeping your cat will always go after a mouse crossing its territory, therefore it is important to keep mice away if you want to keep your cat indoors.

There are many ways of keeping mice away from your home so that your cat will not chase after them.

High-quality Food

Training your cat with high-quality food is an easy way of making your cat stay indoors.

Your cat might want to leave home because you do not offer good and consistent food.

Therefore, giving your cat high-quality food will reduce the urge of going to get food elsewhere.

Train Your Cat In a Comfortable Cat Environment

Train Your Cat In a Comfortable Cat Environment
Train Your Cat In a Comfortable Cat Environment – How to train a cat to stay indoors

Provide a comfortable cat environment for your cat and reduce the chances of your cat going outside.

Here is the ultimate checklist for indoor cats.

Train your cat with all the necessary things your cat can get outside, by providing all the cat needs you have reduced the chances of your cat going outside.

Train Your Cat To Use The Cat Or Provide Shelves

Most cats enjoy climbing heights like up the shelves or cat trees.

Indoor cats are happy exploring the shelves and cat trees at home, so be sure to provide your indoor cat with shelves or cat trees.

Other Facts About Indoor Cats

Here are other common questions that are related to indoor cats;

Do indoor cats get depressed?

Yes, indoor cats get depressed and display unwanted behaviors such as scratching furniture, not using the litter box and biting.

Why Cats get depressed

  • Abuse
  • Illness
  • Injury
  • Loneliness
  • Excessive shouting at your cat
  • Fear
  • Lack of needed attention or care
  • Hunger

How long does a house cat live?

Indoor cats can live for about 8-17 years or more depending on many factors.

Factors that Influence how long an indoor cat live

  • Breed of cat
  • Illness
  • Medical attention
  • Type of food

What do indoor cats do all day?

Here is a list of things indoor cats do all day.

  • Sleeping
  • Eating
  • Playing with toys
  • Exploring their territory
  • Climbing heights or shelves
  • Climbing shelves
  • Scratching their nails on their scratch post
  • Sitting at the window and having outer view.

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